My mission & vision

I co. create a world that is awake and present, moving beyond beliefs with kindness and self love

‘PeacefulWarrior Coaching’ is a teaching and healing platform created to serve a higher purpose.
Within it our intention is to raise vibration through consciousness.

Ancient tools like the Enneagram Map help reveal our “story”, and assist us to see “self” deeply beyond ingrained filters.

Many process’s are experiential, often body and feelings orientated, revealing and dissolving limiting beliefs and inner child blockages.
A supportive framework of teaching, mentorship and powerful coaching techniques creates a safe container to do this sacred work.


Who am I… really

I could easily launch into a very impressive “Cocktail story“, listing a whole bunch of impressive accolades attained so far over my lifetime etc

We all have our cocktail story we tell ourselves and others, but lets go way beyond those words here, and I’ll attempt to articulate my key learnings and peaks of life so far;

Three pivotal events and life circumstances occurred that shaped my journey early on. These were dramatic and deeply emotionally painful. My strategy at that stage in life was to resist any emotional pain, by keeping fantastically busy in my outside world, with adrenaline driven adventures in all corners of the globe. I’m not saying these adventures weren’t incredible and expansive, they were, but temporarily. Short-lived gratification.

Gratefully I could see this, blessed with many influential and powerful teachers along my way. Eventually any repressed emotions in our bodies manifest into dis-ease. Our body listens to innately to mind, 60 Trillion cells.

In my seeking for answers, I encountered many extraordinary tools and techniques to see myself deeply. To see my shadows, to observe my busy mind, bringing my shadows to the front with courage and quieting my mind into presence.

My example is my word, I feel the fear and engage anyway.

I allow what is in each moment to be, without resistance or agenda, trusting that my “movie” is perfect in all its undulations and magical endeavors.

The point of entry is the moment. Spiritual mastery is to live in alignment with this moment.