You ready to know your “self”

We’re all at different stages of our journey. My offer is to help you see yourself and recognise the ‘filters’ thro which life is seen. Using the Enneagram & non-duality consciousness wisdom, we see the illusion and ….


Reach out and lets connect

Feeling BOLD. Feeling COURAGEOUS. Reach out as I’d love to hear from you. Call or email me and lets start the exiting journey truly of knowing your pure essence, your Self beyond the story :-)


Time to create a business

I’ll guide you using Lean Startup methodologies adopting a ‘lean’ philosophy and framework to build your business,  able to efficiently and rapidly determine Niche audiences in the marketplace, testing, measuring and pivoting early in…

My story

A glimpse into “My Story.” An extravaganza of experience, expressed through an array of videos, images, stiring thoughts and innovative ideas…